Sunday, 9 December 2012

Airstream: an Evolution

Approximately 1934, the first of the Airstream line

Starting in 1935 as the Bowlus Road Chief, it is the first aluminum travel trailer of its kind.

Following the Airstream's purchase of the Bowlus Company, the door was relocated to the side and the trailer was re-branded. The Clipper was born. (1937)

In 1948, the line grew to include 4 sizes of trailer.

 Over time, the Clipper grew, the interior having many different options, the exterior changing very little. Other models were introduced, and by the 50s, the Airstream fleet ranged across all sizes of trailer.

By 1963, the fleet had grown expansively, and continues to grow today


Today, Airstreams are more than just a mobile home, many people have taken to restoring and retrofitting them to their own individual needs.

A restored 1953 Clipper

Restored interior

Some Airstreams repurposed as food trucks

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