Sunday, 9 December 2012

Airstream Purists

      To many Airstream enthusiasts, the Clipper is known as 'Granddad'. Contrary to what one might assume, this name was coined out of respect and adoration for the vehicle, rather than ridicule and mockery over its age. After all, the Airstream has only undergone five major body changes since 1936, and none of these alterations had any affect on the iconic aluminum shell of the Airstream trailer. Over the years, the Airstream designs have been changed to accommodate larger interior spaces and improve ease of towability, but the reputable aluminum casing that surrounds the Airstream's exterior is just as lustrous and round now as its first model. It's no wonder, then, that people have developed a particular fondness for the iconic Airstream look. In fact, any models that deviate from these aesthetics are heavily condemned by the purist community.

Airstream Clipper '36

      In 1989, an Airstream Land Yacht was released in a beige colour with a sawed-off, square-ish front. Not surprisingly, the trailer was quickly dubbed the 'Squarestream', which -- unlike the 'Granddad' -- was not at all endearing. To say the least, it wasn't one of their most popular products.

                                                                     The 'SquareStream'

      Later on, Airstream released a trailer named 'Integrity' with a fifth wheel attached to an additional axel. Anyone who was unfortunate enough to be seen traveling in this trailer was dubbed the 'Tupperware Trailer'.

Integrity, a.k.a. 'Tupperware Trailer'

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