Saturday, 8 December 2012

Airstream Hotel

The Grand Daddy Penthouse Trailer Park

     The iconic Airstream travel trailers has recently been appearing all around the world in many hotels and motels as trendy alternatives to the standard hotel room.  Aside from its popularity the efficient use of space, multiple beds, and fully equipped kitchen makes it both cheap and functional.  One of the earliest adapter of this trend was The Shady Dell Trailer Court in Bisbee, AZ who opened in 2007 and carries nine fully restored vintage Airstream trailers for rent.  Another Airstream Hotel attraction is the Grand Daddy hotel in Cape Town, South Africa.  Owner Jody Aufrichtig had spent millions of dollars buying and restoring a fleet of Airstreams to put on the roof of the Grand Daddy to create what he calles the Penthouse Trailer Park. 

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