Sunday, 9 December 2012

Airstream Lifestyle

Airstream Trailer Park

      When buyers purchase an Airstream they're not just buying a vehicle they're buying into a lifestyle.  More than just a trailer, Wally Byam created the entire culture of trailer travel.  "Airstream fans always have one foot reaching for the open road."  The trailer was marketed as a way for buyers to travel all around America and the world while taking their own accommodation with them.  After over seventy years that fact haven't changed but today it has also become about owning a piece of American history and nostalgia.  In many Airstream trailer parks one would often find many of the 50-year-old vintage Airstream models that are still used today parked right along side the brand new 2012 editions. Airstreamer enthusiasts often spends most days from Spring to Fall on the road, going from place to place and meeting up with fellow Airstreamers to form their own little temporary communities.  "There's no point in owning one of the campers and not being part of the community."

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